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Teaching The Declaration of Independence:

The Significance and Impact of the First Principles


The Patriot Week Foundation hosts professional development for K-12 teachers, the most recent being conducted in with Oakland Schools in Waterford, Michigan in August, 2017.  Led by Amy Bloom, social studies consultant for Oakland Schools, over 40 teachers participated in a full day program regarding teaching the Declaration of Independence and earned continuing education credits.

Want to enhance your teaching of historical thinking, literacy, and the Declaration of Independence? Join us for a deep dive into pedagogy aligned to the C3 Framework, and the Michigan Social Studies and Language Arts Content Expectations (5th, 8th, and High School) as we explore Teaching the Declaration of Independence from the MC3 Project. 

This full day session focuses on the teaching of the Declaration of Independence in historical context. Teachers will explore innovative ways to teach content and skills in an effort to understand the founding principles of our nation (inalienable rights, social compact, rule of law, limited government, right of revolution, and equality) and their global impact. Highlighted instructional strategies include before, during and after reading strategies, visible thinking routines, the Question Formulation Technique, simulations, writing to learn strategies, and discourse strategies.


Content includes:

  • Magna Carta

  • Mayflower Compact

  • English Bill of Rights

  • Common Sense

  • Enlightenment philosophers (Locke and Hobbes)

  • Colonial experiences with self-government 

  • The changing relationship with Great Britain

  • Colonial use of propaganda

  • Declaration of Independence

By the end of this full day session, teachers will be well-equipped with lessons that support 5-6 weeks of instruction. This workshop will support teachers in implementing civics, history, and literacy content and skills, as well as practical applications to celebrate Patriot Week. Participation in this session will also provide an opportunity for teachers to highlight student learning during Patriot Week. This session is made possible by a collaboration of Oakland Schools and the Patriot Week Foundation. 

Please continue to check our website for updates as to when the next workshop will be held and sign-up information!

Professional Development

Thank you for the Dec. of Independence workshop yesterday.  It honestly was one of the most productive and inspiring teacher workshops I have attended.  The frequent change of pace/activity/location allowed for an enjoyable day.  Your incredible ensemble of presenters kept everything fresh and interesting. Finally, you personally do a great job as the hospitable "master of ceremonies". I would definitely attend more social studies workshops with a similar format.



Thanks again,

Kirk Sattelmeier

Grosse Pointe Public Schools 

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