A Call to Arms

The date is March 13th, 1777. Nearly two years into the bitter and hard-fought American War for Independence, the fight against the overwhelming superiority of the British Empire rages on. With no standing army, no proper navy, and a shortage of powder, weapons, rations, and clothing, the pressure on the patriotic cause is as strong as ever.

In need of allies and reinforcements, Congress issues an order instructing all Transatlantic envoys to beseech support from Europe’s leaders. Of no coincidence, France and Spain would soon answer the call, committing vast sums of money, supplies, and naval support in the years leading up to Cornwallis’ eventual surrender at Yorktown.

While the patriots of the revolution found their victory six years later, the fight for liberty is far from over. The founding fathers understood that this fight — to “keep” the republic Franklin once described — was one with no end. As Thomas Jefferson once wrote in one of his personal letters, “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?”

This is why I have decided to make a difference. For eight years, I have proudly served with an organization known as Young Americans for Liberty (YAL). To say that I believe that the future of our republic rests in the work of organizations like this would be an understatement. Since our humble beginning one decade ago, I have met the brightest, most hardworking people one can imagine — young people whose understanding of the modern public policy climate far surpasses their age.

Why am I mentioning this? Because my time with YAL has taught me that principle without the courage to act mean nothing. I have committed my life to traveling the country and sharing YAL’s principle because I believe it epitomizes the approach we must adopt if we are to protect liberty in America. In January 2018, we launched an initiative called Operation Win at the Door. Through this program, we are sending our most talented activists door-to-door, listening to people’s concerns, and engaging in the one thing the Left hates most: open dialogue.

This approach has propelled 37 pro-Constitution candidates to public office. While we are proud of the effects this has generated across the country, this battle cannot be won alone. Just as the heroes of the American Revolution could not have endured the British onslaught without the support of a few key allies, movements like Operation Win at the Door can only achieve success if champions of liberty stand together.

For those wise enough to listen, history is full of lessons. The American Revolution is no exception. With the right leadership, an inextinguishable commitment to freedom, and a willingness to cast aside our differences, even the world’s strongest and sturdiest empires cannot withstand the voracious winds of liberty.

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