Certainly, every annual celebration of Independence Day provides the purpose and opportunity for all Americans to contemplate the key founding principles of our nation, but also the underlying circumstances that specifically prompted noble action to throw off tyranny and declare the inherent right to LIBERTY as endowed by the Creator. In this age, people have discarded a true obligation to understand our founding principle of Liberty, unconsciously comfortable in their perception of freedom. Complacency leads to inroads by the insidious tyranny of the state.

The Founders lived each day under the oppressive tyranny of the British monarch. Burdened by excessive taxes and tariffs, they struggled to attain financial independence and security, but more problematic was the clear, suffocating knowledge that their lives more and more belonged to King George and they had no redress to reverse the course of tyranny of the state. The human condition can come to a point where people resoundingly say yes to Patrick Henry’s famous words – “Give me Liberty, or give me death!”

And Liberty is, ultimately, the great engine of prosperity, ingenuity. It is the means to not only advance our own individual pursuit of a full and happy life, but also the engine of our nation’s greatest accomplishments. Which brings us to this month’s recognition of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Does anyone believe this accomplishment in the 1960’s, 7 years after President Kennedy’s audacious challenge that we would be the first nation to place a man on the moon before the decade ended, could occur in the absence of Liberty. Liberty was behind the scientists and engineers that pursued their professions out of their own individual passion, not as a dictate of the state. Liberty was behind the most prosperous nation, such prosperity the direct consequence of the ingenuity and creativity fostered by Liberty. Indeed, the greater our individual liberty – to be free from the onerous tyranny of the state – the greater the collective accomplishments of the nation.

This month of July, 2019, is another great opportunity to bask in the accomplishments fostered by Liberty. But of even greater importance, it is a time to reflect upon the founding principle of Liberty, and to renew our tenacious, vigilant defense of the natural rights endowed by our Creator.

God Bless your celebration of Liberty, and God Bless America!

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