In a modern America that seems to be filled with division and hate, our beautiful nation’s citizens have forgotten that the most powerful force in the world does not come from the Oval Office in Washington D.C. or a nuclear launch tube in North Korea. The most powerful element to our nation is the people behind it. The American people are the driving force that, when unified, can change the world. This has been shown multiple times throughout our nation’s history such as the Founding Fathers hearing the cries of the soon to be Americans in 1776 when they risked their lives by signing to Declaration of Independence.

One of the amazing parts about the American people is that we have our First Principle of Revolution. Revolution is a First Principle that the American people have the right to alter or abolish an oppressive government. That means that if the government no longer stands for the American people, or loses focus on the purpose of the government we have the right to make it known, and it is our job stand for it.

An amazing example of this is the March on Washington on Aug 28, 1963. On that day Americans from all walks of life were able to come together and tell the country that racial injustice had no home in America any longer. White or black, rich or poor, it did not matter, everyone stood together and peacefully changed our nation forever.

In 1776 our Founding Fathers grew tired of King George III. For far too long Britain had been unfairly taxing the American colonies and was not giving the colonies any representation in Parliament. There were many other causes to the American Revolution, but taxation without representation seems to have the most backing. At this time, Americans from all over the colonies came together and showed Britain that unfair treatment was to happen no longer.

America was founded on a belief that if you wanted something, you must work to achieve it, and if you do put in the work, you will prosper. That is the American Dream. Part of that is living in a country that is free of tyrannical rule, because it is extremely hard to find any prosperity in countries that rule unjustly. Americans have the God given right to go after any part of our government that is ruling unjustly and without proper cause or reason. This is Revolution. A First Principle that stands for fixing the unjust use of government, tearing down the walls of tyranny and replacing it with a proper system that reflects good will and justice for all. This was the goal of our Founding Fathers and a unified 13 colonies, and it shall be the goal if a situation comes up in the future in which a revolution is paramount.

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